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Massage therapy is a fundamental tool for a healthy and balanced lifestyle, Studies continue to prove the physical and emotional benefits of even a single massage therapy session. Regular massage therapy sessions have been found to reduce blood pressure levels, Stress and promote muscle relaxation. Moreover, massage also promotes improved circulation via the use of hands-on pressure, which moves the blood through the damaged and congested areas of the body. In turn, the release of this same pressure causes new blood to flow into tissues. Regular massage therapy can help keep the immune system strong and resilient. Tally Massage in Dar es Salaam is here for You.

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Ease the tension of everyday strain by letting our professionally-trained therapists loosen your muscles and do wonders for your blood circulation.


Beautiful and magical, Tally Spa brings brightness and vitality to your face.

Skin Care

Start taking better care of your skin to slow Down Aging, Boosts Your Confidence and improve the Healthy of your Skin .

Body Scrub

Makes your Skin Look Fresh, More Youthful, Moisturized And Rejuvenated.

Pedicure and Manicure

Sometimes all it takes to relax is a hand and foot massage , they improves the health of your nails, increase blood circulation, and Keeps hands and feet smooth and soft.

Painless Waxing and Hair Removal

An effective solution for removing hair that gives you Long-term Hair Removal, Smooth Skin, Healthy Hair Growth, and Painless Hair Removal process.

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